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Park & Pickup or Looper

Park vs. Loop
(Most important: Any delay can cause a backup in the Looper Lane) 
*** Please NO early drop-offs. There isn't any supervision or place for the students to stay safely before 8:05am***

Using the two options for dropping off and picking up your children appropriately will help before and after school run smoothly.  Here are some tips:

  1.  If your child is able to hop out of your car quickly, use the Looper Lane.  Please pull all the way forward and stop at the blue lines before letting your child out. 
  2.  If you need to park and open your door for any reason, go to the Parking Lot.
  3.  If your child needs help with the seatbelt, jacket, backpack, shoes, or long goodbyes, go to the Parking Lot.
  4.  If your child wants to get out directly in front of the school doors, go to the Parking Lot. 
  5.  If you like to sit in your car and watch your child until he or she gets all the way in the doors, go to the Parking Lot.
  6.  If you need to talk to a staff member or another parent, go to the Parking Lot.


Thanks for helping everything run as smoothly as it can!!

 Greywolf Park and Pickup