• Welcome to Health Services

    School Nurse: Sonja Bittner BSN, RN
    Phone number: 360-477-7728
    Health Services Specialist: Ardis Mangano
    Phone number: 360-670-6589
    Cherie Hendrickson, Helen Haller Health Clerk
    Email Address: chendrickson@sequim.k12.wa.us
    Phone number: 360-582-3239 
    Kim Castillo, Middle School Health Clerk
    Phone number: 360-582-3509 
    Cherie Myers, High School Health Clerk
    Email Address: cmyers@sequim.k12.wa.us
    Phone number: 360-582-3607 
    Anna Raphael, Greywolf Health Clerk
    Phone number: 360-582-3305

    Health Services for the Sequim School District are provided by our School Nurse, Greywolf, Helen Haller & High School Health Clerks and our Health Services Specialist.