• What is a MAP test?


           MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) precisely measures each child’s academic growth during the year and from year to year in the areas of mathematics and reading. The results provide essential diagnostic information that will help teachers develop an appropriate learning plan for each child.


          Each test takes about one hour to administer and is taken on a school computer. The test is “computer adaptive”. This means that the software instantly evaluates each student response and, based upon its degree of difficulty, selects the next question specifically designed to evaluate the student’s level of understanding. In essence, the test is customized for every student as it is being taken.


          High achievers who are used to breezing through most tests usually find MAP a little more challenging  because the test determines the student’s approximate achievement level and presents test items appropriate to that level. Students that normally struggle with tests, find MAP to be easier than usual. Most students, regardless of their achievement levels, will get about 50% of the items correct. That is how we can determine what skills need to be learned next.


          The teacher receives each student’s results the next day. Every student will receive specific feedback regarding his/her areas of strength and weakness and have opportunities to work with the teacher to identify areas of focus for the year. 


          We believe MAP will help us sharpen our focus on student achievement and provide parents, students and teachers with valuable information about each student’s academic progress.
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Last Modified on November 4, 2013