The Superintendent develops and maintains a current policy manual which contains the current policies and procedures of the district.  The policies are intended both as a tool for district management as well as a source of information to patrons, staff, and others about how the district operates.  Contained on this web page is the complete policy manual for your convenience.  In conjuction with the Board of Directors and staff, policies are continually reviewed and updated throughout the year.

    Listed below are the Sections covered in the manual.  You may click on the series number on your left for a list of those policies contained in that series.  The number designates policy and the number with a 'P' following designates the recommended procedure.  If you have any questions please call the District office.

    The Board of Directors - Series 1000
    Instruction - Series 2000
    Students - Series 3000
    Community Relations - Series 4000
    Personnel - Series 5000
    Management Support - Series 6000
Last Modified on November 18, 2016