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    March 18, 2016 ~ 1:00 Board Planning Workshop Special Meeting    


    President Beverly Horan called the Planning Workshop Special Meeting of the Board to order at 1:00pm with all Board Members present.



    Beverly Horan, President

    Robin Henrikson, Vice-President

    Heather Short, Director

    James Stoffer, Director

    Michael Howe, Director


    Gary Neal, Superintendent

    Marilyn Walsh, Secretary


    Vice-President Henrikson asked the board to reflect on previous work session and offer any updates, comments/questions at this time.  President Horan reviewed board protocols and gave an overview of the planning process.


    Vice-President Henrikson organized all school board members’ priorities into categories pertaining to each of the School Board Standards.  Discussion followed.


    Priorities were then reorganized into chronological action categories.  Discussion followed.


    Board Goals were listed as follows:


    Immediate – Now until the end of the school year:

    • Board Input regarding the bond
    • Annual Calendar
    • Student Success
    • Ongoing Reports to the Board
    • Programs for All Students
    • Being Present in the Communty


    Next School Year or Two:

    • Educational Programs and Operations Levy
    • Balanced Calendar
    • Superintendent Goals/Evaluation/Contract
    • Strategic Plan
    • Sequim’s Legislative Priorities
    • Community Engagement
    • Professional Development


    Three Years and Beyond:

    • Community Engagement/Trust Building
    • Incorporating Pre-K Planning into District Plans



    Discussion followed. 


    President Horan adjourned the Special Meeting at 3:02pm.

Last Modified on April 16, 2016