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Sequim Schools Continuing Modernization

April 5, 2017


Re: Sequim Schools Continuing Modernization with New Energy Saving Heat Pumps Installed 


Taking full advantage of nice spring weather in early April, during the Sequim School District spring break, contractors brought in a large construction crane to remove and replace two old rooftop HVAC heat pump units. This project, part of a continuing series in the district designed to further modernize, update, and improve indoor air quality, comfort, and energy efficiency in aging school facilities, will deliver greatly improved comfort with high efficiency heating and cooling. The modernization will also save energy with new highly efficient heat pumps using less electricity.  These units will be integrated into a newly modernized building global energy control system.


The 30-year-old existing units were no longer operating properly, well beyond expected life, and leaving district staff and students often uncomfortable with lack of temperature and fresh air control.  The large crane was required to safely and efficiently remove the two large components from the building roof top, each weighing nearly a ton. Crews successfully scrambled, beginning early Monday morning, April 3, to complete the removal and replacement, with the resulting roof openings, ahead of forecast rain for Wednesday.


Local contractor Air-Flo Inc., the successful bidder for the installation of the new units purchased by the district, and related structural modifications, was joined by other area tradesmen engaged by the district for the electrical, roofing repair and control system modernization associated with the upgrade.


Originally the work was begun over winter break, but had to be rescheduled due to unexpected discovery of the need for more structural reinforcement due to the heavier weight of the replacement units and congested space above the ceiling. Such discoveries are typical in aging buildings as demolition exposes the infrastructure. Those structural reinforcements had to be re-engineered, designed for roof and seismic loading, and submitted to the city for approval. This caused the bulk of the work to be carried over from winter break to spring break for construction.


School District Facilities Director John McCandie, while supervising the work, commented, “This is an important part of our over-all program to improve conditions and economical operation in these aging facilities.  Systems like HVAC just eventually wear out and can no longer be kept running economically, if at all.” 


Voters in February approved additional incremental modernization of the central food service facility and other improvements at the Community School site.  Planning for this work will soon be underway. For more information, contact the district office at 360-582-3260 or Heidi Hietpas at hhietpas@sequim.k12.wa.us.


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