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Sequim Middle School Hope Academy

Sequim Middle School:


Teachers Paul Pinza and Hillary Hornor offered an update on a new school program:  At Hope Academy, we live in the present with our eyes on the future.  We see ourselves in the future in an effort to focus on goals and realize we can achieve what we put our minds to.  We use experiential learning as much as possible by taking numerous field trips and getting out into the community. 


Recently, Hope Academy students went to Forks and learned about local history, natural sciences and legends. The group visited John’s Beachcombing Museum, a retired plumber’s collection of beach detritus, and the Forks Timber Museum, with exhibits and information about homesteading, farming and the 1970’s “Logging Capital of the World”. 



Hope Academy students have also been job shadowing different individuals in our community.  The students’ writings about their experiences are posted on the bulletin board in the hallway to share with others.  Here are letters of thanks they wrote to their mentors:


Dear Dr. Heather Short at Sequim Animal Hospital,

Thank you for letting me come and job-shadow you. I had a lot of fun. It was really cool to watch the rabbit get neutered and the dog get the C-section. This really helped me decide if I want to be a vet when I get older, and I really do want to be a vet when I get older. Watching the surgeries really helped me understand the type of things you guys do and what I should prepare myself for. My favorite part about this was probably being able to see the C-section. I’m happy I got to help with the puppies. I hope if we have another job shadow I can come back. I also had fun when your assistants had me feed the rabbit after surgery. The rabbit was really nice and also very pretty. Getting shown around and meeting everyone was also very fun, everyone was very nice. I had an amazing time.  Thank you so much!  Sincerely, Aurora Williams, eighth grade


Dear Northwestern Territories Inc. (NTI), 

Thank you for letting me job shadow your company. It was very interesting. I learned a lot about land surveying and drafting. I got to edit property and got to learn all about the software CAD Autodesk 2016 ™. I got to design a lagoon that is out in Joyce and I hope I get to see it when it is finished. NTI also has a vault. Inside the vault is a room with a crazy amount of maps of projects, towns and cities, like a 100 year old map of Port Townsend and a map of Sequim when it was first being made. This is definitely something I would consider doing when I grow up. 

Sincerely, Joseph Beck, seventh grade


Dear Jeremy Cays at Jeremy Cays Productions,

Thanks! It was awesome learning how to record, and it was fun. Especially learning how to make beats! Wow!  I could do that forever! You have an awesome job.  I am definitely going to tell people about your business! Hopefully I can come back! I’m still improving my song. Now I know what cool beat to use and I took your advice and I’m getting into piano. It’s super cool. Thanks, again! Sincerely, Eli Worley, seventh grader

Eli Worley  


Dear Kenny Hall at Anytime Fitness,

Thank you for letting me shadow you. It was a pleasure to shadow you for 2 hours. I like how you showed me how you brag about people when you work them out. And thank you for telling me about the schooling and how I would need a bachelor of science and clinical physiology and the highest certification in strength and conditioning, speed and agility. I learned that a normal work day is between 8-10 hours, and the first part of the month is the busiest. Your hours depend on how many clients you get. The best part about the job is helping people, and the worst part about the job is unreasonable customer complaints. To do your job you have to love it and you see in the future other little gyms going up. Sincerely, Chase Bedinger, eighth grade

Chase Bedinger  

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