• Mission Statement

    The Sequim School District believes that students who possess exceptional abilities or potential to perform should be given the opportunity to fulfill that potential by:
    • Learning challenging academic material;
    • Learning to reason effectively; and
    • Learning to think creatively.
    An appropriate education will provide these students the tools and background they need to become confident and productive adults.
    Program Goals
    The Sequim School District Highly Capable Program will:
    • Identify students who have high intellectual and academic ability;
    • Support the classroom teachers in providing differentiated instruction appropriate to the needs of highly capable students;
    • Develop abilities for quality production and critical/creative thinking in students;
    • Place students among their intellectual peer group; and
    • Engage in ongoing program evaluation and revision. (WAC 392-170-030)
    The Sequim School District recognizes as highly capable those students who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with others of their age, experiences, or environments. Outstanding abilities are seen within students' general intellectual aptitudes, specific academic abilities, and/or creative productivities within a specific domain. These students are present not only in the general populace, but are present within all protected classes. (WAC 392-170-035)
    Highly Capable students may possess these learning characteristics:
    • Capacity to learn with unusual depth of understanding, to retain what has been learned, and to transfer learning to new situations;
    • Capacity and willingness to deal with increasing levels of abstraction and complexity earlier than their chronological peers;
    • Creative ability to make unusual connections among ideas and concepts;
    • Ability to learn quickly in their area(s) of intellectual strength; and 
    • Capacity for intense concentration and/or focus. (WAC 392-170-036)
    Access to accelerated learning and enhanced instruction is for highly capable students access to a basic education (WAC 392-170-012). To the greatest extent possible within available resources, Sequim School District will offer appropriate educational choices to advance academic achievement and growth for our most highly capable students.